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Based on the principles of Venezuela’s inspirational El Sistema, In Harmony is a national programme that aims to inspire and transform the lives of children in deprived communities, using the power and disciplines of community-based orchestral music-making. In Harmony operates within a national framework of core principles, but is locally autonomous, responsive and entrepreneurial whilst remaining answerable to the Arts Council. In Harmony is jointly funded by Arts Council England and the Department for Education, and managed by the Arts Council.

The core principles of In Harmony, which all projects are expected to operate within, are:


  • In Harmony is inspirational and transformational for children, families, schools and communities. It raises the expectations and improves the life chances of children through high quality musical education


  • In Harmony is modelled around participating in an orchestra


  • In Harmony is immersive – with children playing instruments together several times a week from an early age


  • In Harmony seeks to engage all children in the school or community in which a project operates, and it is open to all


  • Children learn together while playing in an orchestra together. They are encouraged to express themselves through music, balanced with a rigorous approach so that progression is embedded from the start of a project


  • The teaching is of exceptionally high quality


  • As children progress, they help each other to learn and progress


  • In Harmony inspires others to invest in it. Projects are sustainable and entrepreneurial


  • In Harmony projects are mutually supportive and generous in sharing learning, experience and expertise. They seek to develop models that can be replicable or adaptable in different social contexts


In Harmony Nottingham is one of only 6 regions in England to have been selected to run this exciting Arts Council funded national (and international) project 


Read about our programme on the Sistema England site, a charity that supports the Arts Council funded In Harmony programmes and links to the internation El Sistema movement

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