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Instrument Hire Scheme

Nottingham Music Hub is excited to offer an extended hires scheme for people learning to play musical instruments in the City of Nottingham. The scheme is designed to help both groups and individuals learning and playing instruments to have the chance to practice more and continue their musical development.


Hiring an Instrument


You can hire any of the available instruments (see dropdown list) for the prices detailed below.



Table of charges to hire an Instrument from Nottingham Music Service*


If you live or study in the City of Nottingham, aged 5 -19 and would like to hire an instrument from Nottingham Music Service (NMS) and you are 

The cost per instrument is...

An Individual 


£ 12 per term 

£ 30 per year 


An individual on Free School Meals or eligible for Pupil Premium 



£ 6 per term 

£ 15 per year 



A school who subscribes to NMS services or is engaging with NMS musical events and activities 




£ 3 per term 

£ 7.50 per year 





A community group or school who does not subscribe or engage with any other NMS services or activities  





Further discount may be available for not for profit groups and organisations hiring large numbers of instruments 

 £ 12 per term 

£ 30 per year 



 * These charges are valid from September 2015 and will be reviewed on an annual basis


These charges are payable directly to Nottingham Music Service who will invoice for the full amount at the beginning of the hire. The charge covers wear and tear – but does not cover deliberate or accidental damage, or loss of the instrument. Instruments that have been damaged (either deliberately or accidentally), lost or stolen will be charged for – and a replacement will only be issued once the payment has cleared.


Additional accessories, such as reeds or strings, beyond those which come with the instrument initially, are not included.


Instrument Insurance

Hirers are asked to insure the instrument as soon as it is received. Please contact your insurance company to see if it is possible to add it to your policy. They may need details of the instrument, including make, serial number and replacement cost, as well as the address of Nottingham Music Service. This information will be on your contract.


Instrument Care

It is important to look after your instruments - guidance is available on request from Nottingham Music Service on instrument care. As mentioned before, the hirer is responsible for the purchase of consumables (strings, reeds etc.) during the period of the hire.


All applications will be considered on a case by case basis and Nottingham Music Service's decision is final.


To request to hire an instrument please complete this form.



Free Loan Scheme


Nottingham Music Service (NMS) has a free loan scheme available to:


  • All schools receiving WCE or In Harmony provision from Nottingham Music Service (instruments provided as part of the teaching contract)
  • Students attending a Nottingham City Primary, Secondary or Academy who are either:
    • Receiving follow on tuition in year 5 or 6 (where directly following on from the year 4 WCE or IH instrument) or
    • Receiving follow on tuition at secondary level (where studying the same instrument as at primary level)
  • Students attending Nottingham Music School
  • Other individuals or schools may be eligible on a case by case basis at the discretion of NMS


Individual students or schools can apply by emailing priya.patel@nottinghammusichub.org.uk. Adequate insurance cover must be provided and the instrument must be returned when the student leaves school or ceases to learn the instrument.


Instrument Repairs


If you have an instrument on loan from us which needs servicing or repair you can bring it into College Street and we will get it repaired for you. We will cover repair costs for wear and tear however, if the instrument has been damaged by the school or pupil using it, the school will be responsible for this cost. You can download the instrument repair form here


Follow-on Instrument Loans for Secondary Students 


Nottingham Music Service (NMS) has a free loan scheme available to schools for students that have been learning an instrument through the Whole Class Ensemble or In Harmony programmes or are engaging with Nottingham Music Service or Music School.   


Students who have continued to learn the same instrument can loan an instrument from NMS via their school free of charge:  


  • providing there is insurance cover for the instrument  
  • if they take lessons through one of the Nottingham Music Hub partners for follow on at a Nottingham City Secondary School or Academy.   


Schools will need to provide the name of the student and primary school they attended.  The instrument must be returned when the student leaves school or ceases to learn the instrument.   

Instrument Purchases


If you take part in a city ensemble and wish to purchase your own instrument, then you may be able to purchase one through the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme. This scheme enables parents/pupils to purchase instruments without having to pay the VAT. LA (Local Authority) maintained schools are able to make use of this scheme for their pupils. For more information about how the scheme works or for recommended suppliers, please click here


Take It Away Scheme
Windblowers in Nottingham offer a Take it away scheme which allows anyone to purchase an instrument for someone aged under 18. Individuals can apply for a loan of up to £2,000 for the purchase of any kind of musical instrument, and pay it back in nine monthly installments, completely interest free. Please contact Windblowers for more information on 0115 941 0543 or visit www.windblowers.com




We gratefully acknowledge donations from the Leeds Building Society Charitable Foundation and the Nottingham Gordon Memorial Trust to support our instrument loan scheme.



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