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Whole Class Ensemble Teaching (WCET) & In Harmony satellite programmes (IH)



'You made me realise that I love doing music, whilst no one else made me feel that' (City pupil)



The DfE National Plan for Music Education core role number one makes it an entitlement that:

"Every child has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument through whole-class ensemble teaching"


Nottingham Music Hub offers this opportunity to all primary schools, enabling  all year 4 pupils to learn an instrument as a whole class in their normal class time. WCET has revolutionised music education and in Nottingham City has vastly increased the number and diversity of pupils learning. Nottingham is also one of only 6 areas in the country to run the exciting In Harmony programme.


The standard Nottingham WCET model provides one or two music service teachers to work in partnership with school staff to teach music to a full class once a fortnight across the year.


Cost (2015-16) per teacher for standard WCET model: £1400 (£1250 early bird sign-up).





- 2016/17 First Access Application form


Ways in which Nottingham Music Hub supports city schools in meeting DfE/Ofsted expectations for music education 


Bronze, Silver and Gold satellite In Harmony programmes 2016/17


In response to schools who are keen to have a more intensive version of WCET or more input from the music service, we are able to offer a small number of heavily subsidised satellite programmes that provide closer links to our flagship international In Harmony programme.


Bronze programmes cost £3,180 and include 2 members of service staff for a whole morning each week. 


Silver programmes cost £6,350 and include 2 members of service staff for a whole day every week


Gold programmes are currently only for exisiting In Harmony schools



Download the application form linked above or contact janet.wallace@nottinghammusichub.org.uk for more information and to to apply for any of these programmes

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“I can testify that it has a transformative effect on children. Their eyes are opened to the possibilities that music has for them. Most of those children would NEVER had had the opportunity to play a musical instrument and - crucially - experience success, were it not for this programme” (City Headteacher)

All WCET/IH packages include many features that help schools to meet many additional requirements of the DfE National Music Plan:


  • A class set of instruments (brass, strings, or woodwind) worth up to £6,000
  • Access to inspirational events where pupils can perform alongside high quality/professional musicians
  • Free or subsidised city-wide performances at major professional venues
  • Opportunities for year 5 & 6 pupils to continue playing, and to be part of the Area Bands network
  • Subsidised opportunities for pupils to participate in residential activities after WCET (Music Camps)



A link to the national impact evaluation of the whole class enesmble programme


Read the DfE National Plan for Music Education


Ways in which Nottingham Music Hub supports city schools in meeting DfE/Ofsted expectations for music education 



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