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If you want to learn an instrument, there are several different routes you can take.

The best place to start is to speak to your school to see if they offer lessons.

Primary School 


If you are in year 3 or 4, many schools in the city run First Access Whole Class Ensemble (WCE) or In Harmony projects that give everyone in the year group whole class instrumental lessons in school time FOR FREE!


If you've already finished your WCE year, your school should offer you the chance to keep on playing in smaller groups in year 5 & 6.  You can also join an Area Band or Nottingham Music School and play in an orchestra or band!

Secondary School 


Many schools in the city already have instrumental lessons on offer, so speak to your Music class teacher first to find out if you can have lessons at school. If you have learned an instrument through Whole Class Ensemble or In Harmony in primary school, Nottingham Music Service provide follow-on tuition in many secondaries across the city.  



Nottingham Music School


You already need to play an instrument to join the orchestras and bands at NMS, which include RHYO Intermediate for young musicians equivelent to grades 1-3, and the Robin Hood Youth Orchestra for secondary age musicians equiavalent to grade 4 or up to diploma level.


If you are interested in playing World Music (samba, taiko or african drumming), there is a beginner group that meets on Saturday mornings, and our more advanced/secondary age group, 'Bloco Notto' meet on Thursday evenings at College St.


If you want to play in a rock or pop band at Nottingham Music School, Band Factory offers a rehearsal space where you can join a band or practice with your existing band, and get constructive feedback from proessional musicians on songwriting and performance. 



If you can't learn your desired instrument in school, or at the Ensemble Lessons, a number of our Nottingham Music Hub partners provide lessons privately.  More information is on the music hub partners page.

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